Grand Haven Beach Wedding on Michigan Shoreline


We performed a beautiful fall wedding on the North Shore of Grand Haven yesterday. It was a wonderful September day and the sky made a picture perfect scene!

Having a wedding on the beach, if the weather cooperates can be a beautiful setting. The fall sunsets, the calmer winds in the afternoon, and most of the time, the boaters are off the water if you choose a Sunday, or during the week. Parking could be an issue if you choose a popular park area, therefore, be sure to have plans for your guests to arrive without walking a long distance. Also, have good directions and mark the venue spot to not confuse where the wedding is held.

For seating, you can check a few different rental stores to check their chair rentals, or also check your local churches to see if they rent chairs for off premise events. You can also check for items that can be used for a trellis, or you can make your own. Many couples borrow motor homes to have the bridal party arrive to the wedding as a group.

Sand ceremonies are wonderful for beach weddings. Some couples also do Stone throwing where special stones picked out by the couple and the guests go to the shoreline and throw stones into the water after making a wish for the couple.

There are so many great ideas for a beach wedding. Have a back up plan if the weather is uncooperative. Share you beach pictures and ideas with us! We would love to see them!

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