Wedding Rituals to choose for your Grand Rapids area wedding ceremony.

We do many wedding ceremonies in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. One common question a couple has is, ” what should I do, a unity candle, sand ceremony, or other ritual?”

If it’s a Grand Haven MI beach wedding, sand ceremony is very appropriate. The Lake Michigan winds aren’t cooperative with a unity candle. Also, if the couple has children that they would like included in the ceremony, this is a great option. The children can have their own sand container to blend with the couples to signify they’re a very important part of the family.

Wine Ceremony: We are doing more of these each year. For a couple who loves wine, this is a great option.One Red wine, One White Wine to blend to signify the new family. The wines can never be separated back to just White, or just Red. We have a YouTube video introducing a ceremony we included a wine ceremony.

Blessing of Rings: A successful marriage benefits from support of their family and friends. Before the ring exchange, the Minister announces that the couple appreciates the blessing of the family and asks that the rings are passed to the rows of family to say a prayer or give their blessing and pass to next person. When the rings come back, they have been blessed from the family and the Minister enters into the ring exchange.

There are many rituals a couple can add to their ceremony. It’s important that they consider the location, weather, participants and guests to the wedding, what needs to be used to do the ritual and what is important to them. Look at all the options and discuss with the person who will perform the wedding. The person officiating should have good experience to offer the ritual to help your wedding be the one you dreamed of!